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We pride ourselves on bringing you the latest that today’s dentistry has to offer. From digital x-rays to interactive patient education, our technology helps provide you with the best quality dental care…today!

Digital X-Rays & Digital Intraoral Cameras

Digital X-Rays use 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays & don’t require time to develop. Combined with our intraoral cameras, it allows you see what we see! This enhances your understanding & quality of care and allows our staff to serve you more efficiently. Less radiation, less time ,better understanding.

Casey Interactive Patient Software

Available in every treatment & patient consultation room, Casey Patient Education Software explains even the most complicated procedures in an easy & fun format. Available in English and Spanish, ask our staff how Casey Patient Education Software can help enhance your visit.

Dentrix Patient Software

Dentrix Patient Software brings you the latest in practice management software. Available on every computer, Dentrix helps us organize your x-rays, photos & treatment recommendations all in one easy-to-use, accessible format. Dentrix helps eliminate the need of “paper charts,” and allows for quick reference to your necessary documents, making filing your insurance claims or going over treatment plans fast and easy!

Our Own In-House Dental Lab

We are proud to serve you with Art & Technology Dental Lab, our very own in-house dental laboratory. Staffed with 8 technicians, Art & Technology offers high quality restorations for all your dental needs. Using the latest 3-D CAD-CAM technology, along with advanced materials, such as Procera & Empress, our lab’s high quality restorations are made exactly to your specifications. Say good-bye to unsightly metal crowns & hello to beautiful, natural-looking restorations.

Dental Magnification

We take your needs very seriously & want to ensure we are as precise as we can be. Microscopic spaces within the mouth create the need for us to be as accurate as possible, down to a fraction of a millimeter! Our doctors and hygienists use special dental magnification glasses called loupes, to ensure accuracy and advanced quality care.

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