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We believe in being different & are committed to:

  • Value-driven quality, technology  &  service
  • Developing long-term patient/doctor relationships based on trust and communication
  • Digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, interactive patient educations systems…the latest technologies that allow our patients  to see and really understand their dental conditions
  • Value-based dental instruction for patients to educate and motivate you toward today’s proven dental solutions and maintaining oral  health for life
  • Delivering  “Today’s Dentistry….Today!”  Definitive care for urgent and emergency needs, eliminating the time and inconvenience of multiple visits and the expense of delayed care
  • Quality control through validated clinical and business systems and the use of our very own dental lab, with 8 technicians trained to deliver  the highest quality restorations, all of which keeps  your budget in sight 
  • Training and continuing education for our staff that keeps us progressive and the best value in town.
Our Mission
To deliver value-driven quality, technology & service, attract the people who value this and work with those who choose to pay for it.

Our Vision
To improve the quality of our patient's lives through progressive dental systems and meaningful, long-term patient/doctor relationships.